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Facility or                The most common Non-Facility setting is the physician's office. If you are researching pricing for service performed in the doctor's office, leave the Non-Facility Based circle checked.

If you are billing for services performed in a Hospital, Outpatient Facility, Nursing Home, Ambulatory Surgery Center etc, check the Facility Based Pricing circle.

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9 Digit Zip Code:     A 9 digit Zip Code is required and must be valid for the selected year   (9 Digits Required)
Retail Multiplier:     The % rate of the Medicare Allowable to set for pricing.

For instance, if you wish to bill at 180% of the Medicare Allowable, enter 180 into this box.

If you wish to bill at 92% of the Medicare Allowable, enter 92 into this box.
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Resource Based Relative Value Units (RBRVU) are used to assign a Relative Value Unit (RVU) multiplier to the physician's work (including the physician's time and amount of skill required for the procedure), the practice's supplies & overhead and the malpractice expense.

Payment varies based on the zip code of the location where services are rendered using a Geographic Practice Cost Index (GPCI) multiplier which changes every quarter with the intention of eventually paying all docs the same amount no matter where they do business across the nation.

The formula for 2016 physician fee schedule payment amount is as follows:

2016 Non-Facility Pricing Amount =
[(Work RVU * Work GPCI) +
(Non-Facility PE RVU * PE GPCI) +
(MP RVU * MP GPCI)] * Conversion Factor (CF)
2016 Facility Pricing Amount =
[(Work RVU * Work GPCI) +
(Facility PE RVU * PE GPCI) +
(MP RVU * MP GPCI)] * Conversion Factor

Quick! Use this formula to determine how much Medicare pays for an Office Visit, Established Patient 99213 performed at your location! .. or use our RVU Lookup tool and find it in a snap!

We recommend that your fee schedule be set at least 180% of the Medicare allowable amount. You may prefer to charge more or less. How much is that?

Your contract with ABC insurance states it will pay you 92% of 2010 RBRVS. How much is that?

Now you can find out!

We've made this easy for you.. just select the year and quarter RVU you wish to check, plug in your practice's 9-digit zip code, your retail multiplier (what percentage of Medicare allowable to charge?) and up to 3 CPT codes and shazam, it's all there for you including global properties and Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits.